Asian Travel Help


Asia is a huge continent with an enormous number of experiences, if you are craving psychic enlightenment in Bali or consuming your way through Taipei. It’s also home to 14 of the planets highest mountains and many spectacular spiritual architecture sites which include Angkor Wat, Borobudur, Samarkand and the Taj Mahal.

The region is incredibly varied and offers something for each and every travel style, from the slick metropolitan centres of Tokyo and Seoul towards the tranquil wats or temples and serene beaches of Thailand and Indonesia. It has also a great place to try new foods and explore the rich social traditions of your region, right from Buddhist relaxation at Varanasi’s Tiger’s Nest or sampling reason in Japan’s capital.

With the exception of the war-torn countries in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, the vast majority of Asian countries are safe intended for travellers, nevertheless like around the globe, you must work out a certain degree of caution around busy, populated or unfamiliar spots. Most of the UNESCO list of Community Heritage, Intangible Cultural Customs, Biosphere reserves and Geology Parks involve sites in Asia, and there are lots more to see in case you know where to look.

Getting around Asia is easy, with most countries having a comprehensive network of airports with intercontinental and home flights to and from most major cities. Now there also are a number of shuttle bus lines covering short and method distances, and taxis and ride-sharing programs are commonly utilized for most Asian locations. Motorbikes undoubtedly are a popular method to go around in some regions of the prude, especially in Southeast Asia.